Styling for a better future.

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I am the Sustainable Creative Director and Owner of boii. boii started out of a need to be true to who I am and the passion to do good. It is about creating a life that is unconventional, connected, creative and fearless- a life that is unapologetically ours. 

boii is a slow fashion women's clothing line that focuses on reducing textile waste and creating a positive impact towards climate change through environmental and social influence. Each product is created with minimal negative impact on the environment by using discarded materials otherwise destined for the landfills or the ocean into wearable statement pieces, giving each one new life and renewed beauty. Elevated with every detail in mind, boii pieces are created to make a true statement when worn, one that is unique as each soul that wears them. Quality, individuality and sustainability drive boii designs. Sustainability is at the core of the design process to ensure as many recycled materials are used in each piece of clothing and the impact of each item is calculated and shared on the product page for anyone to see. Each piece is consciously considered and each thread brought to life with one single intention of doing good. Connecting all of us and our stories .