boii started out of a need to be true to who I am, to live passionately and to do good. It is about creating a life that is unconventional, connected, creative and fearless - a life that is unapologetically mine

Symone xox

Cotton Threads


boii is a slow fashion clothing line that focuses on reducing textile waste and causes as little harm as possible. We aim to make a positive impact on mother earth while breaking the stigma of recycled, up-cycled, reused, and sustainable materials. We curate pre-loved and natural fabrics into beautiful, high quality pieces that celebrate the lost art of quality sewing techniques and finishes. Elevated with every detail in mind, boii pieces are curated to make a true statement when worn, one that is unique to you and kind to the environment. Quality, individuality and sustainability drive boii designs.


Hand picked materials and handcrafted pieces made in Calgary, yield limited quantities making each collection authentic and  exclusive. Each piece undergoes an extensive design process ensuring fit and that it meets the boii standard of being 95-99% recycled or made from natural fibres. All pieces are pre-ordered and made to measure as we are committed to reducing waste of unwanted overstock and ensuring fit for you. Not you fitting into the "right" size. The impact of each item is calculated and shared on the product page for anyone to see. Each piece is consciously considered and each thread  brought to life connecting all of us and our stories.